Writers Block

At any hour of the day there are half a dozen potential blog posts running through my head. Thoughts of blogging about the evolution of communications technology over the 13 years I have spent in the industry were pushed aside by the similarities between parenthood and production. Then there are the posts I mentally wrote 3 weeks ago on a still shoot at the Oregon Coast that continue to crowd my already over-populated brain. A call from a collegue generates a post about attitude. The list goes on and on. Heck, before I knew it this post got so lengthy that I had to turn it into two!

It is not like me to be at a loss for words. Lets face it; my reputation in the industry is not a shy, retiring one.  It is not so much writer’s block, as writers dam; too many ideas crowd my head and I don’t know what I want to tackle first, but I have to start somewhere so here goes.

When I started freelancing 13 years ago I had a plan. I would freelance 3 years, take a staff job for 3 years and then go to the Oregon Film Office to serve the remainder of my career. Ah, to be young and naïve again! It turned out that I freelanced for seven years. No one told me how scarce staff jobs were, and when I got one no one had prepared me for that unique reality. When I decided to leave after five years, it was not to go to the Film Office as was the original “plan”. I admire and respect the staff enough to recognize that I am not cut out for that job. I guess you can say the grass is always greener; when you are freelance you admire the stability the staffers have and when you are staff you admire the freedom of the freelancers. What I really wanted from freelancing this time around was balance; I want to embrace the chaos of the jobs for what it is (lets be honest, no matter how well we plan, there is always chaos) and embrace the down time without panic.

One of the biggest changes is that we are approaching this as a joint venture. Before, Burk had his business and I had mine. That meant one name, one website, one identity. It took a little time but we came up with the name, hired a designer to create a website (Crawford Vining, who did an awesome job) and a designer to create a logo (Jonathan Adams). I guess that means that we are in business!

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Derailleur Films.


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  1. I’m pissed that the world is going to end on the 21st before TREE OF LIFE comes out. Oh, the world isn’t going to end? Yippee!

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