Down Time

Some people play solitaire with playing cards to pass the time. I play it with business cards and turn it into an organizational activity.

One aspect of freelancing that has always gotten to me was the down time. When I am crazy-insane busy I keep myself going by thinking of all the things I will do when it slows down. After about six-months of balls-to-the-wall business it has finally arrived and I have embraced it with open arms. This is the time to get all the “stuff” done that had been piling up and I have attacked it like only a Production Supervisor can; with the mother of all To Do lists. True to my over-organized and slightly neurotic nature I not only make a list but I mark things off when they are completed (and add things to the bottom, because they is always more that can be done). I have tackled projects both business related (cleaned and reorganized the office, sorted the piles of business cards we have collected, repacked the kits) and personal (cleaned the closets and taken things to charity, mended clothes, and made a mountain of tamales).

Of course, Burk is always busy and I am starting to feel ready for the phone to ring, but if not I still have things that I can work on. There are always blog posts to write and business development to be done. And I am sure there is another pile of business cards just waiting to be filed.


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